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Since 1974, Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm has been supplying Chinese Ringneck pheasants, eggs, and chicks to game preserves, hunt clubs, missions, and game farms in the U.S. and overseas. Chinese Ringneck pheasants are marked with brilliant colors and display remarkable flying techniques. These characteristics make them the nation's most sought after game birds for release.

Windy Ridge provides over 30 acres of natural habitat pens for their game birds and state-of-the-art equipment for pheasant feeding and handling. This environment and care ensures excellent conditions for their pheasants at all stages of life and the highest quality pheasant eggs, chicks and mature birds available today.

Known and respected for the quality of their pheasants and guaranteed
on-time safe delivery*, Windy Ridge has grown into one of the largest suppliers of live pheasants in the mid-west. Whether raising pheasant for farmland repopulation, habitat conservation, food, or sport, Windy Ridge can meet all of your needs.

And by the way... the owner is really cool!

*Pheasant eggs, chicks and mature birds can be delivered in Windy Ridge trucks or shipped by their approved livestock air carriers. Pheasant care instructions can be provided by any Windy Ridge employee. All you need to do is ask.


Aerial View of Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm
Aerial View of Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm
taken in 2002







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