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Quality chinese ringneck pheasant chicks for sale from
May through August.

At Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm, we pride ourselves in the quality of and the care we take in our products which is why we use state-of-the-art incubators and hatchers to hatch our pheasant chicks. This healthy, controlled environment ensures a high rate of livability for the pheasant chicks.

While in the incubator and prior to hatching, the pheasant eggs are monitored both by employees and by alarms to ensure even heat and humidity. Additionally, the pheasant eggs are machine-turned every hour to distribute the heat evenly until hatching.

Place your order for pheasant chicks
and see for yourself why our customers say we have the best livability rate in the U.S.

And look how cute!
Hen chicks $.55 ea.
5000 or more
(straight run)
  $1.10 ea.
See shipping
policy below.
  • 4% Extra FREE on all pheasant chick orders.
  • Above prices do not include shipping or delivery.
  • Climate controlled trucks available for certain deliveries.
  • We are unable to ship pheasant chicks via air cargo or third-party ground shipping companies. All pheasant chicks must be delivered via Windy Ridge trucks.
  • Geographical distance from Ohio will be the determining factor in the cost of shipment.

The complete price list for all Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm pheasant eggs, chicks and birds.


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