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Photos of Pheasant Chick Hatchery

Learn about how pheasant eggs are incubated and hatched at Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm.

Pheasant eggs in incubator trays   In our pheasant hatchery, the pheasant eggs are loaded into incubator trays and then placed in the cooler on the incubator cart where they await transfer the incubators.   Pheasant incubator
Eggs inside pheasant incubator   Inside the pheasant incubator, the eggs are machine-turned every hour to keep the heat evenly distributed and to simulate the natural actions of the pheasant hen in the wild. Additionally, the heat and humidity are monitored manually and by alarms to ensure the best hatchability rate.   Pheasant incubator controls
Hatched pheasant chicks   At about 20 days of age, the pheasant eggs are transfered to the hatcher which is also closely monitored for temperature stability. After the pheasant chicks hatch, they are left to dry and then sorted, crated for delivery or moved to the pheasant brooder barns.   Hatched pheasant chick

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