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Photos of Adult Pheasant Pens

Learn about how we raise adult pheasant at Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm.

Perched Adult Pheasant in Pen   Adult pheasant birds are housed in flight pens. Our pheasant pens are constructed to allow for proper space for raising healthy pheasant. Automatic feeders are placed an appropriate distance apart and set at the correct height to allow our younger and adult pheasants to feed when they are hungry.   Adult Pheasant Pens
Adult Male Pheasant in Flight   The proper netting and fencing keeps the pheasants in the pens and the predators out. Our pheasant pens provide enough height to allow our adult pheasant birds to take flight and stay healthy.   Adult Pheasant Flying in Pen
Male and Female Adult Pheasant in Pen   An important aspect of our adult pheasant pens is the ground cover. Corn and other native grasses are planted to provide a natural environment for our birds.   Adult Male Phesant in Pheasant Pen Cover

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