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Learn about how pheasant chicks are raised to six weeks of age in the Windy Ridge Pheasant Brooder Barns.

Young Chinese Ringneck Pheasant Chick   After the pheasant chicks have been dried and sorted, many are moved to the pheasant brooder barns. Our pheasant brooder barns are climate controlled so the pheasant chicks can grow in the appropriate heat, staged to simulate their natural environment, fed with special feed to help them grow, and contain an automated watering troph system to keep the chicks from drowning.   Pheasant brooder barn for newborn to 2 week old pheasant chicks
Pheasant brooder barn for 2 to 4 week old pheasant chicks   There are three stages in the pheasant brooder barns. Every two weeks the pheasant chicks are moved to the next brooder room. Each room is bigger than the last to accommodate the growing pheasant chicks and the temperature is reduced to gradually wean them from the heat required when first hatched.   Four week old pheasant chick
Five week old pheasant chick with blinder   At six weeks of age, the pheasant chicks are moved to the pens with the mature pheasant birds or crated and shipped to other breeders who don't have the facilities to raise them from chicks. From April through September each year, our brooder barns house 60,000 pheasant chicks.   Pheasant brooder barn for 4 to 6 week old pheasant chicks

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